The unique child
Fun with science
Help me do it myself

Welcome to KidScape.

A unique approach to childcare and education.

Monday - Friday. 7.00am - 6.00pm. Yungaburra Long Day Care Centre

KidScape Childcare Centre delivers a Montessori program based on the special needs and gifts of each child. We are guided by the work and study of Dr. Maria Montessori who said "I did not invent a method of education; I studied the child, I have taken what the child as given me - and expressed it, and that is what is called the 'Montessori Method'".

At KidScape the environment is the teacher. Our centre is carefully prepared with child friendly, Yungaburra Villagepurposeful resources which stimulate the child to work, learn and play in a safe and caring way. Montessori is strong in language, science, art and culture. It provides life long learning skills through its practical and sensory curriculum, foundation learning activities for future development.

Yungaburra is a heritage village on the lush Atherton Tablelands, an area that boasts rainforest, lakes, farms, flora and fauna unique to this area. Yungaburra is a caring community with a reputation for creativity.

At KidScape we work learn and play the Montessori way.

In the ‘Montessori environment the child experiences activities and acquires knowledge and greater understanding of the world in which he lives. I work with my hands and I learn by doing. What I hear I forget, what I do I remember. Our motto is ‘Help me, do it myself’.

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