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How to Enroll

Stage 1

  • bulletDownload Kidscape Waiting List 2010
  • bulletComplete form and return to centre
  • bulletFamiliarize yourself with 'Kidscape Parent Handbook', before enrolment interview.
  • bulletDirector will contact you to confirm your enrolment and to arrange an interview and orientation time.
  • bulletEnrolment – stage 1 is complete when all of the above has taken place.

Stage 2

Enrolment deposit of $200.00 is payable at this stage. This amount is refundable at departure/graduation from centre. Enrollment processing fee of $20.00 which is non refundable.


We offer a 'FULL DAY' rate of $60.50 a day -7.00am – 6.00pm
Childcare fees are paid for the days your child is booked into the centre, including public holidays and times when your child is absent due to illness, holidays or any other reason.

Childcare Fees must be paid 2 (two) weeks in advance of the first day your child will attend the centre and will remain 2 (two) weeks in advance throughout the duration of your child receiving care.

Child Care Benefit: is a percentage calculated by the Family Assistant Office and based on your combined gross weekly income. You will need to contact them to obtain this percentage. Your CCB amount will be deducted from your fee and the balance only, due to be paid at the centre.

Notice of Holidays must be given in writing 2 weeks in advance of taking holidays and fees must be paid before holidays commence.

Deposit of $200.00 is payable on enrolment of your child at the centre. This is refundable on departure from the centre.

  • bulletMethods of Payment
  • bulletCash
  • bulletCheque
  • bulletElectronic (Internet) Transfer to:
          Account BSB: 034-160
          Account No: 21-0571
          Name: Bernadette Doig (Kidscape)
  • Cancellation

    It is a condition of enrolment that you provide 14 working days notice in writing to the Centre of cancellation of your child’s place at the centre. Your deposit of $200.00 is refundable upon notice and upon all fees being paid to date. Deductions can be made from your deposit for fees outstanding.

    Please refer to Kidscape Parent Handbook for further important information.

Limited Vacancy Centre click here to apply.