Group Time Sessions

Group time sessions are a time when educators and children come together to learn from one another, exchange information and assist each other to feel part of a group. Group time this morning involved Jackson ROTE Learning the days of the week and using his letter recognition skills to locate the day Friday to place on the day tree. Georgie had followed up on days of the week by looking for the pictures of people who are here today. Georgie is using her cognitive thinking skills to process the following information: Georgie has to think about who is here, then she locates their pictures and places them up on the Kidscape board. If someone isn’t here then Georgie places their picture onto the home board. Georgie then double checks by counting the pictures on the board then doing a head count of the children here today including herself. Neo participates in group time by practicing his counting. Neo chooses a counting box from the basket then he empties the box onto the table to ensure the quantity of trains matches the number on the card. MS Nerissa participates in group time by quizzing children on their colour recognition. She is playing a game of ‘I Spy’ with the children. MS Nerissa would say ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with…. red’ then she would hold up the red card. Neo responded by saying there is red pictures on the counting chart and Jackson said he is wearing a red shirt. As a child successfully recognised a colour then they transitioned to the bathroom for hand washing and morning tea.

EYLF OUTCOME: Outcome 1.1.5: Establish and maintain respectful, trusting relationships with other children and educators. (EYLF)

EYLF OUTCOME: 2.1.3: take action to assist other children to participate in social groups.

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