Yungaburra Village Atherton Tablelands

Yungaburra Village Atherton Tablelands

Director - Bernadette Doig

Director - Bernadette Doig

Bernadette Doig and infant daughter

Bernadette Doig and infant daughter

Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori - a 'woman before her time'

Children who are less fortunate than our own

Children who are less fortunate than our own

Kidscape Playground

Kidscape Playground

Dr. Maria Montessori - scientist and physician

Dr. Maria Montessori - scientist and physician

Work Learn & Play the Montessori Way

About Us

Kidscape at Yungaburra is a unique childcare centre that offers full time care for children between the ages of 15 mths and 5 years. It provides a safe and caring environment for your child in the heart of Yungaburra Village.

Being a limited vacancy centre means your child has the privilege and comfort of learning in a 21 place setting. Here the children develop a ‘love of learning’ which they cherish for life. Kidscape children gain a respect for the environment, its inhabitants and most importantly each other.


Kidscape, Yungaburra Childcare Centre is directed by Bernadette Doig and staffed by qualified, experienced and mature staff. Bernadette has worked in the childcare and education business for over 20 years. While rearing her own family Bernadette renewed her interest in ‘Montessori Education’ receiving Montessori Teacher Training through MWEI. Perth.


At Kidscape we are all guided by the Montessori philosophy ‘nurturing the uniqueness of each child’. We look forward to meeting the individual needs and requirements of each child while discovering and supporting their early learning development.


Montessori – what is it? Dr. Marie Montessori (1870-1959) scientist and physician was a woman before her time. She was the first female in Italy to become a qualified physician and worked endlessly to discover how children learn. Montessori went on to improve the status and value of children in many societies today.

Dr. Montessori studied the works of Froebel, Itard and Sequin and went on to create a scientific framework to observe the nature of children. She said "I did not invent a method of education, I studied the child…". She was amazed to find what children were interested in and how capable children are. She discovered the importance of a positive and nurturing environment for all stages of development and stated the environment to be the teacher also.

A Montessori room is therefore set out to teach, with child friendly resources, scientifically designed for self correcting and set out on open shelving/bookcases for independent selection. Montessori teaches confidence, concentration and independence at an early age.

For more information on Montessori you can visit: www.montessori.com, www.homemontessori.com, www.montessori.wa.edu.au and www.mwei.org.au


In July 1999 ‘Limited Hours Centre’ was established at 7 Elm St., Yungaburra, to compliment the existing childcare and education service provided by Crèche & Kindergarten, Queensland. As ‘family lifestyle’ began to change with the new millennium so to, did family childcare needs. ‘Limited Hours’ no longer met the needs of new working families and so began the transition of these centres into Long Day Childcare Centre’s providing services 5 days a week 7.00am – 6.00pm.

In 2006 a ‘parent support group’ was formed in Yungaburra to navigate this transition. This dedicated group set the ground work for the establishment of ‘Kidscape, Yungaburra Childcare Centre’ which will open on 27th January 2010, coinciding with the beginning of the school year.


Working at Kidscape Yungaburra Childcare Centre, provides a great opportunity for motivated and enthusiastic persons to become part of a dynamic team, capable of creating a stimulating learning environment for all children to grow, learn and play, the montessori way. At Kidscape we are all guided by the Montessori philosophy of nurturing the unique gifts of each child.

Kidscape Yungaburra Childcare Centre invites suitable applicants to apply for positions of ‘Group Leader’ and Assistant for a mixed age group (15mths – 5years). Applications must have appropriate qualifications and hold a current positive suitability card and first aid certificate. Knowledge of Montessori teaching or willingness to learn is essential to these positions. A natural desire to work with children and ability to work as a strong team member is necessary.

Positions are part time. Rosters are based on a 6 hour shift 6.30am – 12.30pm and 12.00 to 6.00pm. Above award wages are paid to the successful applicant.

The centre closes for a week over the Christmas period.

Applications stating qualification and experience can be posted to the centre via email to (Enable Javascript to see the email address) or by post to 7 Elm St., Yungaburra 4884.

Please address applications or enquiries to Director- Bernadette Doig

Thank you for your interest in ‘Kidscape’ Yungaburra Childcare Centre’.


At Kidscape we have a ‘giving policy’ where each year we donate a percentage of fees to help those children who are less fortunate than our own: www.kidscancer.org.au.

Latest News
  • Lesson Plan – Name and Confirm

    Purpose: The purpose of naming is to actively build upon language skills and expanding upon vocabulary. When repeating the child’s words it is to show that you acknowledge, respect and value their idea and therefore valuing them as a person.   Koharu was sitting on the swing and had asked ...continue reading >

  • Nature Study & Biology

      We started this year by looking at planet earth and its elements; LAND WATER AIR. We learned about the elements through discussion, the 3 jar demonstration and picture cards. The children sorted and classified animals into the places and spaces they lived in.     We then focused on one ...continue reading >

  • New Zealand cultural curriculum

    This week we continue with our cultural curriculum exploring children’s timelines and those with cultural backgrounds from New Zealand. We have two families at out center from New Zealand.  We are learning about the traditional dancing, songs, art, tribal designs and food with the support of parents & families. When ...continue reading >

  • Kalan’s Timeline

    Today Kalan celebrates his third birthday. Kalan’s mum has designed a poster of photos that depict Kalan’s daily life. At group time Kalan had presented his poster to the group. He held the pointing stick in his left hand as he pointed to each photo and described it in-depth of ...continue reading >

  • Children’s Day

    We are continuing to learn about Koharu’s cultural background. This week we are looking at Koharu’s timeline and how many times she has travelled around the sun to reach the age of two. During group time Ms Alice is demonstrating that the globe needs to travel around the sun two ...continue reading >

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